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Pedicure & Manicure Services Nail Salon in Singapore

Manicure and Pedicure Singapore

– Types, Benefits and Risks


Manicure is what we usually see pretty; what comes next is the pleasant surprise of a pedicure. It is necessary to maintain a clean and well-pampered hands and feet. Neat-looking nails make a big impact to the first impression of most people. These days, manicure and pedicure Singapore is vital because these services help enhance our appearances. Nevertheless, you must keep in mind that keeping the nails clean is not just about the appearance, but concerns health and well-being as well. Getting regular cleaning services for your fingernails and toenails has a big impact to your overall health. This articles will discuss the most common manicure and pedicure techniques, the benefits they bring, as well as the risks involved.




A manicure Singapore usually includes a number of treatments depending on the nail salon or spa. In general, a manicure service includes hand massage, exfoliation, cuticle treatment, wax treatment, buffing of hands, grooming of the nails with the optional application of color nail polish. Different spas have varying manicure packages and choosing one is crucial to your nails’ health.




A Pedicure Singapore is similar to manicure in terms of process, but this involves the feet and toenails. In general, a pedicure involves soaking of the feet in a special solution, exfoliation, treating the cuticle, massage, grooming and trimming of the toenails, moisturization, and nail polish application. You also have the option to apply color or nail art to your toenails, as this is very popular nowadays. Pedicures do not only keep the toenails clean and healthy, but also help remove dead skin cells from the feet and keep the feet soft and young-looking.


Various Types of Pedicure and Manicure

Basic. The basic manicure service Singapore is the most common of them. It involves basic cleaning and treatment and some extras like hand softening and pampering. A brief massage is sometimes incorporated, as well as the application of regular nail polish and top coat to protect the finish. Pedicure services Singapore on the other hand, starts with a foot soak to help soften any dead skin. Afterwards, your toenails are clipped and filed, cuticles are softened and a brief massage follows. Moisturization thru lotion application is also done, and if you like, your toenails will be coated with nail polish and top coat to protect the finish.


American. This is basically just the regular Orchard manicure but the nails are usually shaped rounder and painted with off-white finish.


French. The French treatment for nails involves basic cleaning of the hands and feet. The nails are applied with a clear white or pale pink polish all over and then white nail polish on the nail tips. This is a nice, crisp, and clean look ideal for all ages.


Gel. This involves basic pedicure and manicure Singapore, but the nails are applied with a gel nail polish in between a base coat and a top coat. The nails are then exposed to UV light to dry, called the curing process. The gel polish and the curing make the gel manicure Singapore last longer than conventional acrylic nail polish. The paint can be easily removed by wrapping the nails with acetone-soaked cotton balls until the paint loosen up and peel.


Nail Art. This style is ideal for fashionable ladies who want embellishments on their acrylic nails Singapore. Starts with basic cleaning, a nail art usually has base nail polish and then drawings, glitters, or rhinestones are applied for an updated look. The drawback is that you really need to take good care of your Holland Village Manicure with nail art to make them last longer.

Manicure and Pedicure Benefits


There are many benefits of getting a manicure and keeping your toenails well-groomed. Below are their health benefits:


Benefits on Skin Health. Your hands are always exposed to elements – dust, dirt, pollution – all throughout the day. This result in accumulated grime and rough, dead skin cells. This is especially true with the feet as walking and working all day can cause callouses and various skin conditions. Since a professional “mani-pedi” helps in the exfoliation of the skin, doing them regularly can greatly improve the appearance and texture of the feet and hands. Holland Village pedicure keeps callouses out, while manicure Singapore removes dirt and grime accumulation, resulting in attractive, soft, and healthy skin on the hands and feet.


Keeps Away Fungal Infection. Regular manicure and pedicure help keep fungal infections at bay. At times, the nail beds of the toenails or fingernails can become infected with fungi due to moisture build up and unclean environment. Nevertheless, making sure that you get a pedicure and manicure regularly can help keep track of the health of your nail beds, hance, alerting you about any incoming infections at the early stage.


Helps Improve Blood Flow. Most hand and foot treatments involve a massage along with moisturization, exfoliation and cuticle treatments. Massaging the hands and feet can greatly improve blood circulation, increasing the flow of blood to your extremities. Moreover, the massage can help you relax and reduce pain, as well as for even distribution of body heat during cold months.


Mental Health Benefits. Apart from the benefits in health, blood flow, and appearance, having regular pedicure singapore and manicure can also help relieve mental stress. Try having these treatments when you are tired and stressed from work and the process will make you feel good almost instantly. The feeling that you are doing this for yourself also intensifies your self-worth and improves your confidence.

Health Risks of Pedicure and Manicure


While getting regular hand and feet treatments offers various benefits, there are also some risks involved with these essential services.


Danger of Injury and Infection. Sometimes, when the manicurist or pedicurist is not well-trained, injuries can occur. This could happen when the cuticles are clipped in a wrong way or the nail beds are dislodged. Apart from the injury, there will be a risk of infection when these things happen. Infection can also occur when the tools are not sterilized in a proper manner. Hence, when choosing a nail salon, make sure to pick one with strict rules when it come to hygiene and sterilization of tools. Also, ask for credentials like education and training to make sure that your attendant knows what she or he is doing.


Possible Exposure to UV Rays. Some nail treatments require UV light, which, when not properly done, can damage the cells of the skin. Therefore, it is still crucial to choose a nail salon with high standards on manicure Singapore rules and regulations.


Development of Nail Fungus. Fungus or fungi can be transmitted from person to person using nail cleaning tools. To avoid this, make sure that your manicure Singapore salon cleans and sterilizes the tools they use before using them for another person.


It is crucial to choose the right Orchard nail salon that has good background and employs staff with proper training and extensive experience in manicure services. In addition, to make your Holland nail salon experience better, we only hire staff that are cheerful and friendly and at the same time very professional with manicure and pedicure services.




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